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How can I print using TracerPlus 3.0?

Make sure you have purchased and are registered with the TracerPlus Print Plug In.

Once you are registered see below on how to print using TracerPlus 3.0:

  1. Navigate to Admin-->Manage Plugins and select the Printer tab.
  2. Place a check mark in Enabled.
  3. Select the default printer you would like to use for this Session.
  4. Select the default Report for this Session. For more information on creating reports please consult the TracerPlus Printing Plugin manual installed during the TracerPlus installation.
  5. Select what you want to Print.
  6. Enable Start print automatically or Auto print on submit if desired.
  7. Select Done to exit.
  8. From the Data Grid select File-->Print.
  9. You will see a print dialogue pop up with various options.
  10. Make any necassary modifications and select Print.
  11. If succesful you will see a Printing succesful message and then the dialogue will close.
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