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I am unable to print using my Symbol PDA.

The most likey cause of this is the different ports that each Symbol device utilizes. By default the Printer configuration file used by TracerPlus is set to port 7. This is suitable for the PPT88xx and PDT81xx. Below is a list of Known Symbol devices and Ports they use:

  • MC50 - Port 5
  • MC90xx - Port 1
  • PDT81xx - Port 7
  • PPT88xx - Port 7

To modify this port setting see below:

  1. On your PC navigate to \"Your Device"\ My Documents\TracerPlus\SystemInfo\Printers".
  2. Locate the .cfg file relevant to the Printer you are using.
  3. Open this file up with notepad and change the rs232 port =" " value to match the desired port.
  4. Save and close and sync the device.
  5. Try printing again.
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