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Can TracerPlus data be stored on an SD card?

Yes this can be done using version 5.0 or later of TracerPlus. Install the SD card to your device and locate this directory on the device. Once you have located this directory open TracerPlus Desktop and do the following:

  1. Open your Project
  2. Naviogate to the Project Properties and choose the TracerPlus option
  3. Under database engine make sure SQL CE is enabled
  4. In Database Location enter \Storage Card\Data
  5. Deploy the project to your device and your TracerPlus database will now be stored on the installed SD card

Note: This can also be set outside of TracerPlus Desktop by modifying the System.tsc file located on the device at \My Documents\TracerPlus 5\SystemInfo\System. Open this file in notepad and change the following two attributes: sqlservercedb="1" and sqlservercdpath="\Storage Card\Data". With TracerPlus shutdown re-copy this file to overwrite the old.

Note: if you are not using a Symbol/Motorola device the storage card location may be different than above.

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