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How to Deploy multiple PDAs

TracerPlus can convenienently be configured on 1 PDA and deployed to multiple PDA's at the simple click of a HotSync button. Here are some instructions on how to set this up:

  1. Configure TracerPlus on your First PDA and perform a Hotsync.
  2. This will transfer your current configuration to the Palm "User" Backup folder.
  3. The name of the file is TRPP-TracerPlus_Sessions.PDB and is located in C:Program FilesPalm"Username"Backup.
  4. Copy this file to your desktop as you will be using it later in this process.
  5. Navigate to C:Program FilesPTSTracerPlus 2.x and locate a file named PDAInstall.ini.
  6. The file looks something like this:
  7. Change the FileCount = 1 to FileCount = 2
  8. Add the line: File2  = TRPP-TracerPlus_Sessions.pdb
  9. You should have a file that now looks like this after modification.
  10. Now copy the file TRPP-TracerPlus_Sessions.pdb into the C:Program FilesPTSTracerPlus 2.x folder.
  11. On your start menu navigate to Start-->Programs-->PTS-->TracerPlus 2.x-->PDA Installer.
  12. Click next to install tracerPlus.
  13. You should now see the following screen with all available users to install to and the files to install.
  14. This will install TracerPlus and the Session configuration file to all users checked in the Selected Users area.
  15. Click Next and select Install. Click Finish when it completes.
  16. Now all that you have to do is Hotsync each of the PDA's and your TracerPlus configuration will be ready in minutes.
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