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How do I setup TracerPlus to increment on each scan?

For the field that is going to be the scanned data do the following:

  1. Under validation enable Unique in Table.
  2. Under After Scan enable AutoFind on Scan and Auto Submit.

For the field that will be incrementing do the following:

  1. Set Type to Variable.
  2. Set Data Type to Numeric.
  3. For default choose [*INCR: 1,1*].

*Note* - The [*INCR:1,1*] value can be modified to start at a certain number as well as increment by a cretain amount on each scan. The first 1 is the start on value, the second 1 is the amount you want to increment by. Ex: [*INCR:2,4*] would start the increment at 2 and increment by four on each scan. 2,6,10,14,.......

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