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Converting Windows Mobile projects for use on Android OS devices

This is fairly straight forward as a smaller form will be auto-scaled to width of the android device. See the options available below for resizing your form:


Option 1: Auto Scale Form To Fit Screen - Enabled by default, this setting will scale your form to the width of your android device when deployed. This will allow you to use the same project for both Windows and Android devices.

Option 2: Change form dimensions in Form Properties Dialog box and hit apply with Automatically scale form to match enabled. This will resize your form in the desktop form designer to the specified size and scale all control to fit accordingly. If looking to maintain a project for both Windows and Android, this should be saved as a separate project.

Option 3: Change the form dimensions in the form designer and then click the build default form button. This will re-size a default form to the size you specified. (Resetting to the default will remove any modifications done to the form including font and background colors as well as additional controls and tabs added)

 In addition, there are some features of TracerPlus that are available only in Windows Mobile. You can refer to the user guide to determine if some features of your project are not available for Android.

Deploy the project to your Android device. See the article below to learn more about deploying to your Android based device:

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