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TracerPlus Connect - Primary and Satellite Licenses

  Here are some common questions about TracerPlus Connect that may help you when setting up your system.

1. Which of the machines needs the TPConnect Primary and which will have the Satellite licenses?

The Primary license is generally used on a server and is the *one* installation that is responsible for managing the connecting devices and validating them as licensed for your TP Connect installation.  This is done in TP Connect Management Studio via the Tools Registration window.  IF you are also using satellite installs of TP Connect, these satellite installs do not issue the device licenses but rather import the valid devices from a license file (created on the Primary install). 

 In many installations, you would only need the primary license. As an example, the most common use for a satellite license would be if you have a requirement to sync multiple devices to multiple cradled PCs located in different spots around your warehouse/office/site. If you wish to sync via cradle, this usually requires a local connection to a PC and that PC would need to have TP Connect with a satellite license active.


2. Does the Cradle and Scanner physically need to be connected to the development machine or can new changes to screens implemented remotely?

Without any 3rd party tools, any changes made via TP Desktop are typically deployed to each device via cradle.  There are cases where you can use 3rd party tools to ‘package’ these new screens/configurations and deploy them remotely.  That tool is a 3rd party application and separately licensed.  Please contact your sales rep if that is something of interest to you.


3. If we install the primary license on a server and the server gets reloaded or replaced, can the license be transferred?

It is possible to transfer licenses but is a function of the sales agreement (i.e Active Support agreement, etc).  Your sales rep can provide more detail on this.


4. If we have more than one scanner at a particular facility, is there a way to build new changes to screens once and deploy to all?

Currently, there is no way to deploy changes to all devices without the use of 3rd party tools as described in Question 2.


5. If the cradle must be connected to the machine with the Primary key and we loaded the key on a server in a server room, this could cause logistical problems. Is this the case?

Typically, you would not install TP Desktop to a server machine but, rather, a development machine.  Since TP Desktop does not require a license, there is no issue with license management for this application.  This means that any TP Desktop project needing to be deployed to your device (s) would be deployed via the desktop/admin machine  via cradle. 

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