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Using Data Driven Labels instead of Fields for data

Data Driven Labels are a nice way to display information to the user without having to use a field box. These fields are not editable by the user and are for display purposes only. Follow the steps below for setting up a Data Driven Label.

  1. After your form has been created, select the field control that you want to use as the Data Driven Label.
  2. Delete this control by clicking the X (Delete).
  3. Add a new label control by clicking Label and then place it on your form.
  4. Change the Caption of the label so it makes more sense as to what it is.
  5. In the Selected Control Properties area, locate the Data section and notice the DataDriven option.
  6. Set this to True and then you will be able to select which SourceField this label should display.
  7. Select the desired field from this list and deploy to your mobile device.

Note: You can only display data for a given field once. Make sure you do not have both a Data Driven Label and Field control for a single field on your form.

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