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Using TracerPlus Connect 8 in Live Mode (Real Time)

TracerPlus Connect 8.0 now offers a Live Mode that replaces the TracerPlus Wireless Server Software. The setup is similar to a Sync Profile however slightly different. Follow the instructions below to setup a Live Profile.


Settings in TracerPlus Desktop:

  1. Open the TracerPlus Desktop Project you are working with.
  2. From the Project Properties select TracerPlus Connect.
  3. Under Hosts, click the Add button and enter the IP Address or the Host Name of the PC that TracerPlus Connect will be running on.
  4. Under Live Sessions, click the Add button and select the Session you want to be live.
  5. Select the appropriate Host ID and then enter the Profile ID of the Live Profile defined in TracerPlus Connect (Explained below).
  6. Repeat steps 4 and for any session you wish to make Live.
  7. Deploy the project to your connected mobile device.


Settings in TracerPlus Connect:

  1. In a new or open project, select the Add Profile option in the Profile Explorer.
  2. Select Live Profile and then click the Folder icon to browse to your TracerPlus Desktop Project (.tpp) and link it.
  3. Click Create Profile and you should see all sessions listed for your project in the Session List.
  4. Also note the Profile ID to the left of the Profile Name. This is used in the TracerPlus Desktop settings above.
  5. Select the session you wish to configure and choose the data Type in the Live Datasource section.
  6. Configure Field Mappings as needed.
  7. In the Key Fields section click the Add button to add your Key Field(s). (This should be a unique combination of fields that are never duplicated)
  8. Repeat steps through for each session.


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