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Configuring a device driven Sync Filter (Dynamic Filtering)

TracerPlus Connect version 8 and up now allows you to sync data based on a filter set on your TracerPlus enabled mobile device. This allows you to control which data gets synced at the time of sync. Folow the steps below to configure a Dynamic Filter.


TracerPlus Connect Settings:

  1. Select the Sync Process you want to apply this filter to.
  2. In the Source section select the Options tab.
  3. Under Source Filtering click the Add button to add a new filter.
  4. Note the ID as this will be used in our TracerPlus Desktop settings below.
  5. Select the Field you want to filter on.
  6. Select your Comparison Type.
  7. For Type select Dynamic. Value will default to (n/a) and does not need to be modified.
  8. Save your project.


TracerPlus Desktop Settings:

  1. Open your project and go to the Form Designer.
  2. Add a Button control to your form.
  3. Select the newly added Button and name it as necessary.
  4. Under Button Action select DoSync.
  5. Set your SyncHostID and SyncProfileID.
  6. Click the Browse button in the Sync Filters section.
  7. Click the Add button to add a filter.
  8. Enter the Profile ID for the profile being used in TracerPlus Connect.
  9. Enter the Process ID for the Sync Process this filter was added to above.
  10. Enter the Filter ID that we noted in the TracerPlus Connect settings above.
  11. Select the Field in TracerPlus that will be used to filter the sync.
  12. Deploy your project.
  13. Enter data to your filter field on the device and press this Sync button to test.


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