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Creating TracerPlus Connect Configurations at different locations

Within TracerPlus connect lies the ability to import and export your project configurations.  This can be useful when developing your Sync Profiles and Sync Proceses on one machine but deploying them for use on another machine.
This is achieved by simply clicking File Export with your TPC project open in TPC Management Studio.  This export process creates a file with a .tce extension.
Selecting File-->Import on your destination PC allows this project to be imported to this new PC.
There are a few considerations when performing this action, however.
1.  If you are using an ODBC connection in either your source or destination configurations, you need to be sure the DSN(Data Source) exists on the targe machine.  If it does not exist, the mappings and key parts of the configuration will not be imported correctly
2.  If you linked a TP Desktop project, the location of the imported project must be accessible via the same path name in the target machine.  For example, if you linked a TP Desktop project from your My Documents folder, this will likely *not* resolve correctly on the targe machine.  Linking a project to a common mapped network location would be a better option in this case.

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