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How to use a text file for Import

When using a text file as a reference for your project, this file will need to be copied to your device.  This is used when TracerPlus Connect is not being used.

When your device is connected to the PC you will be able to navigate to the correct folder following this path:

My Computer->
  Portable Device ->
     \ ->
         My Documents ->
            TracerPlus# ->
               Data ->
You will need to then rename this file.  As an example:  If you are using this file in the second session, S02_Data.txt  would be the new name.  If you are using this in Session 10, your new file would then be S10_Data.txt
When this has been done, on your device select File -> Import Data.  Your text file is now able to be used and the device can be unplugged from your PC.
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