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Where to Find TracerPlus CAB Installation Files

CAB installation files are a useful tool for installing TracerPlus to your mobile device when a normal install from TracerPlus Desktop is not an option.
  • The CAB installation files can be used to install TracerPlus to a device remotely through the use of remote device management utilities.  These CAB files can be found in: C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\TracerPlus.
  • Device processor type can be used to help determine which CAB file to use for installation.  If you are unsure of what processor your device is running then it is recommended to first try the, as this is the one that is compatible with most devices.  If the does not work, then proceed to try the

If you are looking to package your TracerPlus Desktop project in with the Cab installation, contact to learn more about our Cab File Creation Service

Note:  The CAB files will only appear here if the full installer was run from TracerPlus Desktop at least once.

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