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TracerPlus Connect Export Tips and Tricks

TracerPlus Connect has the ability to export a Connect project so that it can be imported onto a different PC.  Sometimes it can be difficult to use this feature depending on how and where that Connect project is saved.  To keep the Export/Import process as painless as possible follow the Tips and Tricks below:

  • Always use generic File paths when saving your projects:  The filepaths in the .TCE export file are very important as to how the file works when loaded into another PC.  The default save directories are located in the My Documents of the PC(for both TracerPlus Connect, and for TracerPlus Desktop).  These My Document folders are user based, so if you are moving your project from one PC to another the user structure may not be the same on both PC.  To combat this, you can save all your TracerPlus Connect project files (And dependency files like a linked Tracerplus desktop project) in a generic directory that will be the same on all PC.  Typically a good choice is the root of your C drive, as every PC will have the same File path for that area.
  • Make sure your DSN in ODBC maches on both PC:  The DSN (Data source name) is also import like the file Path.  In order for Connect to import the project correctly, the DSN on the new machine must match the same DSN on the old machine.  If the names do not match up, the project will not load in correctly and will leave some configuration settings blank.

Note: If you are using a text file as your datasource, you will need to have to text file created and located in a directory with the file path matching what the original PC was using when the .TCE file was created.

  • Setup the New PC just like the Old PC:  If you have setup your project in a generic directory like the root of the C drive when you created the .TCE export file, you will need to have the same file pathing setup on the new PC before you go to import the project.  Typically this is only an issue when using a linked TracerPlus Desktop Project.  Make sure to put a copy of the linked desktop project, in the same location on the New PC, as it was on the old PC.  This way when you load in your .TCE file, the file path references will still be correct even though you have swapped PC.  If the File path references match, the .TCE will load in correctly and your TracerPlus Connect project will be ready to go on this new PC.

Note:  The .TCE file will only contain the configuration for your Connect setup.  The registration information for both Connect, and for the seated devices list will need to be added manually after the import.

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