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How does TracerPlus Desktop Work?

TracerPlus Desktop is a PC based Mobile Application creation tool. You use TracerPlus Desktop to designate the various parameters you will need for your mobile application by opening a new Project. Set all the variables regarding your Session and field settings and deploy your project to your device using the deploy feature. Once the TracerPlus Project is deployed (installed) to your TracerPlus enabled mobile device, you will be able to enter data into the fields you designated.

You can also export your TracerPlus Project, which creates a .tpe file designed for easy sharing with other users of TracerPlus and TracerPlus Desktop. .tpe files can be opened quickly in TracerPlus Desktop for additional editing. TracerPlus Desktop will also create .tpp files when you save your Projects. This file is not designed to be shared since it is associated with additional folders on the host PC.

Click Here to learn more about TracerPlus Desktop.

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