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Configuring a backup TracerPlus Connect server

Many of our users ask how they can configure a backup TracerPlus Connect server just in case the main server is unavailable for syncing data. To do this, follow the steps outlined below:


    - In the TracerPlus Desktop project select the 'Project' tab and click on the 'Connect' icon.

    - Add an additional host to the host list using the plus button.

    - Enter the IP address and Port of the new Host. Notice after entering a new host to the list the new host will have a different ID.

    - Navigate to the Form Designer where the user would perform their syncing.

    - Add a new 'DoSync' button to the form. Configure this in just the same way any of your other sync buttons are configured. The only difference will be the Host ID. Set this to the ID of the new Host configured in the previous step.

    - Deploy the finished project to the mobile device.


The user will now have the option to sync with an entirely different host by clicking on the newly added button. So, if the first server fails they will be able to sync with the backup server.

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