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Pairing a Zebra RS507 Hands Free Scanner with a Zebra MC55A Barcode Terminal

Below are instructions for pairing your Zebra (formerly Motorola) RS507 Hands Free Barcode Imager to a Zebra MC55A via Bluetooth. This will then allow you to use the RS507 to scan data into our TracerPlus mobile software running on a Zebra barcode terminal.

  1. Clean Boot the RS507 by removing the battery, holding in the Restore Button, replace the battery while still holding the Restore Button releasing after it beeps twice.
  2. On the MC55A, navigate to Start-->BTScannerCtlPanel.
  3. Enable the BTScanner1 checkbox and then select a Com Port.
  4. Click Save which will return you to the home screen.
  5. Navigate to Start-->BT Information and click Generate Local BD Address Barcode.
  6. Scan this barcode with the RS507 and you should receive some confirmation beeps as it attempts the Bluetooth connection.
  7. Click Yes to the Bluetooth Dialog that pops up on the MC55A.
  8. If prompted, enter a pin of 12345 and click Next.
  9. Click Done after it connects and then click OK on the remaining windows to return to the home screen.
  10. On the home screen of the MC55A click the DataWedge option.
  11. Enable the DataWedge by clicking the Running option (If DataWedge is already running you will need to stop it and then restart it).
  12. Click the Basic Configuration option.
  13. Click Scanner Input, click Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver, and then click Enabled.
  14. Click Back two times and then Exit.
  15. Click OK to close DataWedge.
  16. You should now be able to scan barcodes into your MC55A using the RS507 and our TracerPlus mobile software.

**Note: This procedure should work on most Zebra mobile barcode scanners and not limited to just the MC55A.

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