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TracerPlus Connect Wireless syncing Troubleshooting Tips

  • First check your TracerPlus Desktop settings to make sure the IP Address and port of the configured host is correct. (Typically the port will be set to 4403, and the IP address of the host should be the IP Address of the Machine running your TracerPlus Connect Software.)
  • Next, check your Do-sync Button action to make sure that it is targeting the correct host from the host list in the Connect Tab of TracerPlus Desktop.
  • Once you have verified all these settings, you can take a look in the TracerPlus Connect Software to make sure the server is up and running.
  • If you are still getting Login failed errors at this point, it is likely that something is blocking the connection between the device and the Connect PC. This could be a PC or network level firewall.
  • Try disabling the firewall on the Connect PC, to see if the device can make a connection. If it can, you will just need to enable some port rules in the firewall to allow connections on the Connect port (Default 4403).
  • If you are still getting a login failed at this point, it may be best to do a ping test. Try pinging the device from the PC and see if it makes a connection.  Then try pinging the PC from the device to see if it can make the connection.
  • If the ping works on both sides, but the sync still produces a login failed message, it is likely that something else is causing an issue on the network side. It is possible that a network firewall is in place which is blocking connections across that port.  At this point, it would be best to contact the IT team at your company for further assistance in solving your network issue. 

Remember, all networks are setup differently.  This is a guide line for the most common issues when trying to configure TracerPlus Connect Wireless syncing.  If the TracerPlus Connect settings are setup correctly, the login failed message would indicate a lack of connection by some other means. (Networking issue, Firewall issue, another software using the default Connect port 4403)

NOTE: Please check that your browser can access the internet. This does not indicate that you will be able to connect to an internal PC running TracerPlus Connect but, it is a good start to verifying that Wi-Fi i is enabled and working on the device. 

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