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How to Setup TracerPlus Connect to do a Sync On Cradled Connection

Follow the steps below to setup TracerPlus Connect to start syncing data when a Device is placed in the cradle. This was a feature we originally had in our ODBC Link product that was removed in the initial versions of TracerPlus Connect but is now back based on your requests (Supported in version 9 and up).

  1. Open your Desktop Project and go to the Project tab and then Connect settings.
  2. Add a new Host with PPP_PEER as the IP and 4403 as the Port. Note the Host ID.
  3. Click the Sync Conditions tab and add a new condition for Notification.
  4. In the Profile ID set this to the Profile ID in Connect you want to sync.
  5. On the right hand side Notification should be USBConnected and change Host ID to the ID from above.
  6. Deploy the project to all devices that you want to have this feature.
  7. Last and most importantly is to setup the device's USB connection type doing the following:
    1. On the device Navigate to Start-->Settings-->System-->USBConfig. (This may differ depending on the device)
    2. Up top click the Left or Right arrow so that you are on USB Client Mode.
    3. This should be set to ActiveSync Serial. (Usually defaulted to ActiveSync RNDIS)
    4. Click OK to save.
  8. With TracerPlus Connect open and TracerPlus open on the device, cradle it and it should start the sync.

To use this method via the TracerPlus Connect Windows Service, simply change the port to 4404 in step 2 above and setup the Sync Service per chapter 11 in the TracerPlus Connect User Guide. See the below article if you are having issues with the Sync Service:  

Note: This does not work on all devices and will depend if you have access to some of the USB settings mentioned above.

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