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CipherLab Android devices with TracerPlus

If you've been having trouble using TracerPlus with a CipherLabs Android device, or have been considering buying/just bought one, you will want to read this.

CipherLabs' android devices have a built in scanner which TracerPlus natively supports. This means that when you turn on TracerPlus on your device, it'll configure the scanner for you. However, if this does not happen when TracerPlus opens, or if you experience strange behavior with the scanner or TracerPlus, you may need to check the scanner services version running on the device. The device's scanner version needs to match the api on which the TracerPlus version it's running was built. This will also depend on the version of TracerPlus you are running. Check below for the version of the Cipher Lab scanner service you should be running for the version of TracerPlus you have installed:

TracerPlus 9.1 uses the 1.0.31 api

TracerPlus 9.2 uses the 1.0.41 api. 

This means that in order for your CipherLabs scanner to work with TracerPlus, you need a scanner version of either 1.0.31 or 1.0.41. Now, how do you know what number your scanner is? Well, you can find that out by going into All Apps -> ReaderConfig -> Menu(the three vertical dots at the top right) ->About. When in About, you'll see a category along the lines of "Reader Service", this number is the scanner version which must match the TracerPlus API version that you see listed above. If it doesn't match, chances are, it won't work with TracerPlus. Some scanners have worked before, but there's no guarantee. So make sure these numbers will match or hope that your device is one of the few that happen to work by some chance.

Here is a link to version 1.0.41 for TracerPlus 9.2: CipherLab scan service 1.0.41

Hope this helps you out, and be sure to check the knowledgebase and Mobile Solutions for help and examples on the various TracerPlus forms and experiences. 

Note: You may need to reboot the device for the update to take effect.

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