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Moving TracerPlus Connect to a new server/computer

To move an existing TracerPlus Connect instance from an old server/computer to a new server/computer  and no longer use the old server/computer, follow the steps below:

  1. First thing you will need to do is transfer the TracerPlus Connect registration, and to do so we will need the Old PC ID of the old server/computer and the New PC ID of the new server/computer so we can give you the new code and the appropriate instructions.
  2. Export the current TracerPlus Connect config from the old server/computer and this will create a .tce file. Get this file over to the new server/computer.
  3. Setup the new server/computer  so everything is in the same location as it was in the old server/computer, including Windows Data source and the TracerPlus Desktop project. If you haven't done this on the old server/computer already I would save your TracerPlus Desktop project to a folder on the C: Drive and then replicate this folder on the new server/computer with the same project folders/files.
  4. Once the DSN has been created and the desktop project has been copied to the new folder, open Connect on the new server/computer and choose File-->Import-->Close Current Project and browse to that .tce file.
  5. If everything was setup the same as previous server everything should come in correctly.
  6. Register TracerPlus Connect.
  7. Update all devices which were synced with the old TracerPlus Connect server with the new server hostname/IP.
  8. Enjoy your newly set-up  server/computer!
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