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TracerPlus and RFID readers

TracerPlus-RFID currently only has a native compatibility with the Zebra MC3330R, MC3390R, MC319Z and MC919Z RFID readers, Zebra RFD5500 Sled when used with an MC55A/N/X, MC65 or MC67 mobile device, TC20 w/ RFD2000 Sled and the Zebra RFD8500 Bluetooth RFID Sled when used with Android and iOS devices. 

When utilizing a non-supported RFID device you will need a device specific application sometimes known as an RFID wedge, or scan wedge. This needs to be running in the background to support the RFID Scanner on the device in order to scan RFID tags into TracerPlus forms. Smart form RFID events will not be usable within a TracerPlus form and using a RFID Wedge also makes it impossible to use the InputType: RFID in a field as TracerPlus considers RFID Wedge to be akin to a keyboard. Please Note: Some other features such as Geiger are not available when using a wedge.

The RFID wedge setup instructions should be available in the device's user guide.

Key Points:

  • RFID Wedge must be on to scan RFID
  • Smart Form RFID events will not be usable
  • Input Type: RFID is not a usable field setting
  • The Geiger feature will not work
  • Will not be able to Write to the Tag's EPC or User Memory banks
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