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Issue with CipherLab 9700 connecting to Windows 10

This article is unconfirmed but reported as working by some users, so if you are having trouble connecting to Windows 10 with your CipherLab 9700 device, try this out.

After getting info on the device's OS, CipherLab will then send links to update the OS. However, in order to do the update you will have to use a Windows 7 computer to connect. Once you've updated the OS, the scanner will likely still not connect to windows 10. All you need to do is make a few changes to the settings and this will enable you to connect.

To start off, plug the cradle's USB cable into the computer with the device in the cradle.

  • Wait to see if it connects and opens “Windows Mobile Device Center” on its own
  • If not go to the scanner’s display
    • From the Start Menu (bottom left)
    • Go to Settings
    • Go to the System Folder
    • Go to the USB Connection Button
      • There are three choices (ActiveSync Advance Network Mode, Active Sync Serial Mode, and “Mass Storage – SD Card”)
      • Change the choice from “ActiveSync Advance Network Mode” to “Active Sync Serial Mode”
      • A dialog will appear and it will state it is trying to connect. One of two things happen
        • 1. Windows Mobile Device Center opens automatically and it is connected.
        • 2. The device says it is connected but Windows Mobile Device Center does not open on its own. If manually opened it will be connected.
      • If it seems to stay connected for only about 5 minutes then after a duration it auto disconnects, disconnect and reattach the device and it will connect again.

It should be working in “ActiveSync Advance Network Mode”, however when changed back from “Active Sync Serial Mode” to “ActiveSync Advance Network Mode” the connection closes and it will not reconnect. So, the work around is to keep it on the “Active Sync Serial Mode” for now. This article will be modified when a fix has been made.


*Thanks to Legacy Business Solutions for providing us with this information*

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