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Redeploying with TracerPlus Desktop Publisher

When updating a project using TracerPlus Desktop Publisher using the generated Android apk files, or the Windows Mobile/CE cab files, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Registration status will remain after the update.
  • Data loaded into any local session will also remain.

The process for creating this update is relatively easy. Follow the same steps performed to create the first revision of your project except you will want to update the Product version. To do this, before clicking the Create Installer button, increase the Project version field; This will allow you to essentially patch your apk and keep all your files, data, registrations, and so on. The new installer that is created will be seen as an update by the mobile device, so all of your settings will be upgraded to match the new project, but the product registration and data will remain.

You can also update the Project revision field which will allow users to view their project's current version when going to Help>About. This can be useful for finding out which projects need to be updated. 

One important thing to note, is that you should keep the Product ID and Product Name fields the same between versions. If you do not the software will require a new registration code when it is installed on the mobile device.

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