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Setting up TracerPlus to sync data at a specific time of day using TracerPlus Connect

To setup your TracerPlus enabled mobile device to sync at a specific time, follow the steps below:

  1. Setup your TracerPlus Connect Sync Profile as you normally would and note the Profile ID.
  2. In TracerPlus Desktop, open your project and then navigate to the Connect settings.
  3. Add a Host and configure its IP address or host name. Note the Host ID.
  4. Navigate to the Sync Timers tab and add a new timer.
  5. Make sure it is Enabled, set the Interval to 45 (Seconds), Select your Host ID above then enter your Profile ID from step 1.
  6. Navigate to the Sync Conditions tab and click the Add button, then choose DateTime.
  7. Verify the Profile ID is set to the same Profile ID configured for the sync timer above.
  8. Select the After radio button and set the time you would like it to sync after. IE if you want it to sync at midnight set this to 12:00:00 AM.
  9. Click the Add button again and select DateTime.
  10. Select the Before radio button and set it to 12:01:00 AM.
  11. Deploy the project and you should now be set to sync 1 time between 12:00 and 12:01 AM.

Note: For the sync to work, TracerPlus must be running on the device and the device powered on typically in its charging cradle.

Note 2: If you still intend to click Sync buttons manually on the device, the Timers/Conditions created above should be pointing to a different profile in connect. This can be done by duplicating your existing profiles using the duplicate option. If you do not create separate profile(s) for the Sync Timer/Condition, you will only be able to use these Manual Sync buttons during the times set for the Sync Conditions.

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