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Having trouble seeing all data on my device after registration

When using TracerPlus in trial mode, this limits you to syncing only 5 records at a time. This includes data and drop down syncs using TracerPlus Connect, Text file imports and deploying of drop downs from TracerPlus Desktop.

After registering your device you will still see this limited data set and requires that you re-deploy your project, re-import any text files or sync again with Connect in order to see all data on the handheld.

If you believe your devices should be licensed but you are still syncing in trial mode, check the following:

  • Check if TracerPlus on your mobile device is registered.
  • Check if TracerPlus Connect on your PC is registered.
  • Check if your mobile device has been correctly added to the Registered Device List in TP Connect.
    • The registered device list is case sensitive, and will not contain the letter "O", it will always be the number "0".
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