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Setting a Zebra device's 2D Imager to behave similar to a 1D scanner - Windows Mobile/Windows Embedded Handheld

When reading stacked barcodes with a 2D imager, you will find that you read some of the barcodes you are not aiming for. This is the nature of the 2D scanner in that it is scanning an area vs the precise control a 1D laser scanner typically provides. Because of this, zebra has added a mode in DataWedge called Picklist mode that enables a 2D imager to be more precise when aiming at stacked barcodes. Below are the steps to set DataWedge to Picklist mode:

  1. From the home screen of the device click the DataWedge option.
  2. Click Basic Configuration.
  3. Click Scanner Input
  4. Click Block Buster Imager or whatever scanner is listed on line 1.
  5. Click Reader Params.
  6. Click More.
  7. Click Picklist mode.
  8. Click Enabled/HW reticle.
  9. Click the Back option (0) and then click Back (0) 4 more times and it should say saving.
  10. Click Exit and OK.
  11. Make sure DataWedge is enabled and try scanning stacked barcodes.

Note: This setting may only work through DataWedge so if you are using our TracerPlus software you may need to disable the barcode scanner in TracerPlus Desktop (Data Capture settings) and re-deploy to the device so that TracerPlus now uses the DataWedge settings to scan.

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