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Setting up User Logins in Live Mode to reference a Database

This allows you to manage the users directly from the database instead of having to add them to TracerPlus Desktop and deploying each time a change is made. Follow the steps below to setup User Logins that can access a database table.

  1. Add an additional Session to your TracerPlus Desktop project.
  2. In the Field Settings, add a field for each User Login property (Username, Password, Accessible Sessions, Logged In Status)
  3. In the Admin section of the Project properties, enable the Require login checkbox under User Logins.
  4. Choose the option Validate users from external session.
  5. Select the Session added above in the Session drop down.
  6. Match the field drop downs to the fields added to the above session.
  7. Before moving on TracerPlus Connect needs to be installed to a PC/Server and a Live Profile created that references your project. Click here for more info on creating a live profile.
  8. In the Connect section, under the Host tab, enter an IP address / Hostname of the PC that TracerPlus Connect is running on. Note the Host ID.
  9. Under the Live sessions tab, click the "+" button to add a Live Session.
  10. Make sure it is Enabled, then select your Session from above, select the Host ID and then enter the Profile ID found from your live profile in Connect. The Profile ID refers to the profile ID of your Live Profile in TracerPlus Connect.
  11. Deploy the project to your handheld.
  12. Make sure TracerPlus Connect is open and running at that you have successfully mapped your new Logins session to the relevant Database table.
  13. User should now be able to enter their Username and Password and have it checked against to the database.
  14. You will also be able to see who is logged in with the Logged in Status Field. The number “1” will appear for a user that is logged in and a “0” for a user that is logged out.
  15. To properly use the allowed sessions field, this should represent the Sessions the user logging in has access to and should be a string of 32 characters long consisting of a 1 or 0. 1 means access and 0 means no access. A string in this database field of "10100010000000000000000000000000" means the user has access to Sessions 1, 3 and 7 only.
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