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Password Protect a Field using Form Logic in TracerPlus

This feature can be used to limit access to certain form page or control. In the example below we will be requiring a password entered to a specific field to allow access to a 2nd tab page. Follow the steps below to set this up.

  1. In the Field Settings, add a field that can be used later to enter a password for access.
  2. In the form designer, on the right side of the top toolbar, click on the ID icon to display the Control ID for each control.
  3. Note the Control ID of the control that you want to protect, then click on the Form Logic icon (last on the right). The Form Logic window appears.
  4. Add a new button to your form by clicking the Button option in the left toolbar and then click on the form where you wish to place the button. Note its Control ID.
  5. Click the Add button to add a new rule.
  6. Choose the Event you wish to trigger the password access on.
  7. Select OnClick and then enter the added button's Control ID from above to the Event Control field.
  8. Now you need to define the If/Conditions of the Event. This validates that the conditions are met in order for the rule to be executed.
  9. Click into the If/Conditions field and then click the Add button in the pop-up.
  10. Set the Condition Control to the Control ID of your password field, choose a Comparison Type of "==" and then enter the Value of the password you wish to use. I will use 12345 in this example.
  11. In Action field, choose the action to do if the condition is met then enter the Action Controls (the ID(s) of control where you want the action to have effect).
  12. In this example select GotoControl and set to a field control on the next page of your form you wish to go to.
  13. Deploy your project and test the functionality.
  14. Now when entering 12345 to your password field and pressing the button, it should direct focus to the field control on the 2nd page. If the password is incorrect or left empty, it will not allow you to proceed to the next page. You can also add an additional logic rule to show message to prompt user when an invalid password is entered.
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