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Drop Down Deployment and Data Export issues with Android

There are a pair of issues that we would like to address that have similar fixes listed below:

  1. When exporting data from TracerPlus on your mobile device, there is an issue where some times you cannot access the files on your PC after the device has been connected via USB. 
  2. Also, you might have an issue with deploying over MTP to your mobile device, and after deployment there is no data in your drop down menus.

To fix the drop down menu issue, you can use the deploy via QR code option instead of over MTP, this should cause the drown down options to appear normally.

To fix either issue, you could also follow these steps 

  • Clearing your data from the media storage app:
    • settings > apps > all applications  > media storage (if you do not see this, you may have to hit "show system" after expanding the menu in the top right) > storage > tap 'clear data'
    • then restart your device
  • Renaming the for_import and export folder placeholder files, then adding new folders named for_import and export. These folders are located under tracerplus10\data.

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