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DB Button Actions

When creating an application in TracerPlus Desktop, there are a set of button properties available in the form designer that you may find useful, DB Buttons.

The function of this set of button properties is to repopulate the entry form with data that has been previously entered. Combined, these buttons allow you to cycle through and edit data that has been entered already in the currently open session, saving you time and preventing potential mistakes from reentry.  

For example, if you for some reason are required to edit a set of records that you have just submitted, you can use a DBPrevious or DBNext button to cycle back to those entries by simply clicking those buttons. Or you can use a DBFirst or DBLast button to select the first or last record in the currently open session. 

You also have the option of designating a grid control for the DBFirst, DBLast, DBNext, DBPrevious and DBNewRecord buttons. This allows you to assign DB actions to the selected grid control's data instead of the session data. This is useful if you only want to reference specific records, and not all records entered into the session.

Due to the nature of these buttons, it is recommended that you use the DB button actions in conjunction with one another for the ideal effectiveness.

Here is a short guide on how to add a button, specifically a DB button action, and connect it to a grid control.

1. In the form designer, click the "Button" option on the left, then create a button at your cursor in the designer. 

2. In the "Selected Control Properties" menu on the right, change the "Button Action" to any of the DB button actions. You can also change the caption that appears on the button.

3. To connect a button action to a grid, you can click the "ID" button in the toolbar, find the control ID of your grid, and set the "Grid Control ID" of your button to that number. (in this case the grid is 25)

4. By using the grid control options, add the fields of data that you wish to be referenced by your DB button functions.

For more information about DB button actions you can reference the TracerPlus Desktop manual on page 47.

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