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Toggle Input Button Action

The “Toggle Input” button action is a setting that can be assigned to a button in TracerPlus Desktop’s form designer that allows you to change the input that is being received for a given field. For example, you can select between the inputs of “Any, Barcode, RFID, and Keyboard”. Any allows all input, however the Barcode/RFID/Keyboard options allow exclusively their own type of input.

To access the Toggle Input button action, create a button in form designer (or use an existing one) and in the Behavior section set its’ button action to Toggle Input. This will then reveal a number of options displayed in the image below.

  • Toggle Input Control ID: Control specified by Control ID that will have its Input Type toggled.  This should be set to the Control ID of your field.
  • Toggle Default: The default Input Type of the specified control when first opening the form. 
  • Toggle Any: Allows toggling to the Any Input Type and allows all input types that are enabled for the button. 
  • Toggle Barcode: Allows toggling to the Barcode Input Type.  This turns on the Barcode Radio, turns off the RFID Radio if present and prevents keyboard entry.
  • Toggle Keyboard: Allows toggling to the Keyboard Input Type. Barcode and RFID radios will be disabled.
  • Toggle RFID: Allows toggling to the RFID Input Type. This turns on the RFID Radio, turns off the Barcode Radio and prevents keyboard entry.
  • Toggle Caption Any: Specifies the button caption (text) when toggled to the Any Input Type. 
  • Toggle Caption Barcode: Specifies the button caption when toggled to the Barcode Input Type. 
  • Toggle Caption Keyboard: Specifies the button caption when toggled to the Keyboard Input Type.
  •  Toggle Caption RFID: Specifies the button caption when toggled to the RFID Input Type.

The main function of the ToggleInput button action is that it allows you to be selective in the type of input you want to be read, whether its Barcode, RFID, Keyboard, or all of the above. A Toggle Input button can help you easily change between these types of inputs and lets you enter your data faster.

Note: Setting a Toggle type to False prevents that input type from being selected when the ToggleInput button is pressed on your form. For example: If you have a field that you either want to accept barcode or keyboard entry you would set Toggle Any to False, Toggle Barcode to True, Toggle Keyboard to True and Toggle RFID to False. When the button is clicked it will only switch between barcode and keyboard.

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