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Barcode Type Validation Function

The Barcode Type Validation function in TracerPlus Desktop is a handy little option found in the Field Settings of any session that can greatly improve your scan efficiency when scanning multiple different types of barcodes. (a reference image can be found at the end of this article)

Barcode Type Validation is a setting that will only allow barcodes of a certain type to be entered into the designated field. So in field settings, you can designate any field to accept only specific barcode types.

For example, maybe you work in a retail environment, and you need to be scanning PDF417 barcodes (for driver's licenses) and UPC barcodes (for retail products). It could be very bad for you to accidentally scan the wrong type of barcode into a field. However if you utilize barcode type validation this error would be prevented.  

 Please note that this feature is only supported for devices with embedded barcode scanners natively supported by TracerPlus.

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