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Ethernet Syncing & Supported Devices

Currently, TracerPlus Connect does not support USB syncing of data when using Android or iOS devices. Some organizations are not permitted to use WiFi or they do not have access to WiFi but still need to sync their data. There is now a solution for these use cases by taking advantage of Ethernet syncing.

In this article we will discuss Ethernet cable/cradle syncing, why you might find it helpful, and a number of devices that support or do not support it.

The Ethernet cable is a helpful tool that allows you to to sync directly to your machine (usually Ethernet -> USB). This bypasses any limitations such as not having WiFi, or otherwise being unable to use WiFi to sync via a network connection.

The main advantage of Ethernet syncing is being able to sync easily, with only a cable or in some cases a cradle and not having to deal with the hassle of a wireless connection. So in any situation where you do not have WiFi, Ethernet syncing is certainly a feature you should consider. 

To help determine if your device supports Ethernet syncing, we have tested several devices using the device manufacturer's cradles or add on USB to Ethernet adapter cables courtesy of Portsmith Technologies and listed whether or not they are compatible below:

Devices that DO support Ethernet syncing:

  • Zebra TC51 / TC56

  • Zebra TC52 / TC57

  • Zebra TC20 / TC25

  • Zebra TC70 / TC75

  • Zebra TC72 / TC77

  • Zebra TC8000

  • Zebra MC3200 Android

  • Zebra MC3300

  • Zebra MC40

  • Panasonic FZ-X1

  • Panasonic FZ-L1

  • Google Nexus 7 Tablet

  • CipherLab RS50

Devices that DO NOT support Ethernet syncing:

  • Zebra TC55

  • CipherLab RS30

  • CipherLab RS31

  • CipherLab 9700 Android

  • Janam XT2

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


  • Zebra ET50 - Had to upgrade to Android 6.0.1 to see the Ethernet option but doesn’t connect with micro USB adapter. May still work with the ET50 cradle that has Ethernet port.

Note: Ethernet cradles and adapters MUST be connected to the network your PC is on and cannot be directly connected to the PC.

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