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Unable to Sync because Windows Mobile Device Center will not connect

Windows Mobile Device Center and ActiveSync are no longer actively developed or supported by Microsoft. In fact, on some of the newer Windows OSes it can be very difficult to get the device to connect. This can block users from syncing with TracerPlus and TracerPlus Connect especially if WiFi is not an options.

There is another option which could help in many cases. This is using an Ethernet cradle to sync or a USB to Ethernet adapter. This option effectively places the device you are trying to sync on to your network and allows you to sync your TracerPlus data with TracerPlus Connect while avoiding Windows Mobile Device Center and ActiveSync altogether.

There are a few things that you should be aware of if you were to explore this option:

  •  The synchronizations will need to be triggered from the device side. The sync buttons in TracerPlus Connect cannot be used. 
  •  If you need to install TracerPlus using this connection method you will need to download and install using a TracerPlus cab file using the device's browser.
  •  Deployment of projects will need to be deployed via a cab file as well. Take a look at this article for more information.

Contact your PTS representative to learn more about the Ethernet adapter options or cab file creation service.

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