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Best Practices For Your Connect Setup

When setting up your Connect environment there are a few recommendations we would make regarding your physical setup:

  • Generally it is best to install on a server or dedicated main PC, and have all of the devices connect to that one instance. This eliminates the need of setting up satellites which are only really necessary when doing USB based syncs for Windows Mobile or if syncing in different locations that use different networks. 
  • To that end, Connect handles the communication between the device and the database. The devices talks to a pc running connect on the same network as the device via ethernet. Connect should be setup to communicate with your database whether it be locally on the server or on a network share which allows it to send the data synced from the device.
  • Also, for the sync to work the PC/server running connect will need to be on at time of sync. If you setup Connect to run as a windows service then it does not need to be logged in.
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