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Disabling Access to Camera on a Zebra Device

For several reasons, namely security, you may wish to disable user access to the camera or other applications on one of your Zebra devices. There is a way to do this by downloading an application from Zebra's support website, the Enterprise Home Screen for Android.

This application allows you to customize user's access to settings and applications on the device, and by using this you can disable things such as the camera.

To get the application on your device, all you have to do is go to, and then download the .zip file, which has the 2 .apk files in it. Which are:

• EHS_020703_A.apk - Supports all Android Lollipop (version 5.x), Marshmallow (version 6.x), and Nougat (version 7.x) devices except TC20/TC25 Nougat (version 7.x)

• EHS_020703_B.apk - Supports TC20/TC25 Nougat (version 7.x) devices only

You then simply have to send the correct .apk to your device, and  run it. From there, follow the instructions in the application to set access controls as you see fit.

You may also find the Enterprise Browser program useful for the creation of web application that integrate seamlessly with Zebra devices and peripherals.

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