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Unable to Connect to Deploy Server

When deploying your TracerPlus Desktop project to your mobile device via WiFi/QR (Web Deploy), if you encounter an error on your device saying "unable to connect to deploy server" your issue may be resolved by one of the following fixes:

  1. Make sure TracerPlus Desktop is open and that the Deploy Server is running.
  2. The device and the PC are not on the same network. Connect both to the same network and try to deploy again.
  3. There are multiple instances of TracerPlus Desktop open at the same time. Open the Task Manager on your PC and end close any TracerPlus Desktop related tasks, then try to deploy again.
  4. The PC's firewall is interfering and should be disabled temporarily. The Deploy Server runs on port 4409 be default.
  5. The Deploy Server on the PC is not started, and can be started in Tools -> Deploy Server Manager with the "start" button.

Note: The Deploy Server can be set to auto start when Desktop starts by going to View-->Preferences and enabling the "Auto-start deploy server when TracerPlus Desktop starts" checkbox.

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