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Getting Started with the Zebra TC20 + RFD2000 Sled & TracerPlus

In this article, we will outline the steps you need to take from un-boxing your brand new Zebra TC20 + RFD2000 to getting a fully functional TracerPlus application running.

Application Installation:

First, you need to download the TracerPlus applications to both your new device and your PC. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the appropriate versions of TracerPlus Desktop, TracerPlus Connect, and TracerPlus Mobile Client. We currently recommend version 10.
  3. Run the installer normally for Desktop and Connect, and move the Mobile Client's .apk file from your PC to your TC20, then run it. This will download the Mobile Client on your TC20.
  4. You should now have TracerPlus Desktop & Connect installed on your PC, and the TracerPlus Mobile Client installed on your TC20.

Configuring the RFD2000 Sled:

The RFD2000 does require a small amount of setup in order to be used properly. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Attach the RFD2000 Sled to your TC20.
  2. On your TC20, navigate to the "RFID Manager" application. (if the application is not present on your device, you can download it here You may also want to confirm that your device has the latest version of the RFID Manager application.)
  3. In the RFID Manager application, select the "Regulatory" option, and set your Region correctly. (i.e. in the United States select "FCC")
  4. Your RFD2000 Sled should now be set up correctly.

Creating a TracerPlus Application (or Using a Sample):

After the TracerPlus components are installed, and the RFD2000 is configured, now you just need an application to use. 

  • Using a sample application: (Recommended For New Users)
    1. We recommend our Zebra TC20 / RFD2000 RFID Tag Scan Demo as a good starting application for use with the TC20 / RFD2000. It is simple, and will allow you to scan tags quickly without any customization. Just download the application and deploy to your TC20. 
    2. This article outlines how to deploy an application to your mobile device.
  • Creating your own application: (For Returning Users)
    1. If you would like to create your own application, there are many free resources such as knowledgebase articles and video tutorials that outline the steps for application creation. 
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