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Adding additional files to a CAB build when using Publisher

As of build .1663 of TracerPlus version 10, you are now able to include additional files when building a CAB file with TracerPlus Desktop Publisher.

To do this, you can navigate to your Projects folder for TracerPlus Desktop, which could typically be (User)\My Documents\TracerPlus Desktop\Projects\(Project Name)\ProjectFiles\Publisher\Additional_Files. You can include additional files in both the Data and SystemInfo folder. There are 3 folders that you can add additional files to within, For_Import, Skins and System:

  • For_Import: In the For_Import folder you can include data such as for Drop Downs, if you wanted to include populated drop down menus for example.
  • Skins: In the Skins folder you can include a custom launcher and the icons to be used with your customer launcher.
  • System: In the System folder you can include registration files used to automatically register the device for example.

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