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Deploying projects to iOS devices - TracerPlus 10 and up

Below is the only currently supported for deploying your TracerPlus Desktop projects to iOS devices.


 WIFI/QR Code deployment

This method supports most iOS devices.

  1. Open your TracerPlus Desktop project and click the Build/Deploy option.
  2. From the Select Platform drop down, choose the iOS option.
  3. Under the iOS Connection Options, select Use Deploy Server to open the QR code window.
  4. Open TracerPlus on your device and select the Menu Bar.
  5. On the Menu Bar, select Download Project.
  6. From the Connect to Web Server window, click the Scan QR Code option.
  7. From the Scan QR Code Window, select Use Camera.
  8. Use the camera to scan the QR code on your PC and wait for the download Successful message.
  9. You should now see your TracerPlus application as designed in TracerPlus Desktop.


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