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Exporting Data from an iOS Device

To export data from an iOS device make sure the export option is enabled in TracerPlus Desktop under the Import/Export settings. Then using the iOS device select the Menu->Export Data option within TracerPlus. This will export all data from all sessions on the device, and generate the export files based on the settings configured for the session.

TracerPlus Connect is the preferred method of syncing data to and from a mobile device.

To get the exported data files off of the device iTunes must be installed on a host machine. Connect the iOS device to the host machine via a USB cable, and open iTunes. Click on the device icon as shown in the screenshot below:

Next, select File Sharing from the iTunes menu, select TracerPlus from the Apps list, highlight the data folder, and finally click Save. This will save the export data to the host machine. All of the TracerPlus exported data files will be found in \data\Exported. The screenshot below illustrates how to use iTunes to get the export off of the device:

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