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Issues inserting blank values into a database

It may be common in your TracerPlus application that certain fields get saved with no data as they will be populated at a later date. In some cases this can cause issues syncing data to your database using TracerPlus  Connect.

If a sync fails in TracerPlus, you should check the Event Log located in C:\ProgramData\PTS\TracerPlus Connect\SystemInfo\System for any errors that occurred during the sync. More information on how to access this log and some common errors can be found in the article below:

The Main reason for this issue is most likely that the database field you are syncing to is set to not allow nulls which prevents the database from inserting or updating the record. Once the database field has been set to allow nulls, restart the TracerPlus Connect software and try the sync again to see if this has resolved the issue.

If your database field is set to allow nulls and you are still seeing issues syncing blank data to TracerPlus Connect, it could be how TracerPlus stores blank values in a record. Although not seen by the user, a blank value is saved as "" in the record and is what is synced to the database.

A solution for this is to set the Destination Field Action in TracerPlus Connect to DoNothingWhenNull for each field that may contain blanks. This setting is accessed by enabling the Show Advanced Settings check box above the Field Mappings in the right corner.

Note: In some cases you may not be able to set a database column to null. In this case, you would want to make sure TracerPlus does not allow blank data to be submitted on the handheld side for a given field and recommend the use of our Validation Settings in your project, specifically setting a Min Length value of 1 for these fields.

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