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Issuing the Mobile Client Seats to TracerPlus Connect

After registration has been completed for both TracerPlus Connect and the TracerPlus Mobile Client, the device seats must be issued for each device syncing to TracerPlus Connect. By default, the issuing of seats is done automatically as the devices connect. To manually issue seats and control the devices that can connect, turn off the Issue Device Seats Automatically option on the Tools->Registration screen. After registration, devices that are not in the device list will not be authorized to sync with TracerPlusConnect.

Note: In certain instances, it is necessary to manually issue seats. This could include re-issuing seats in the case of a device replacement, or when testing. To issue seats manually, enter the Device ID into the Issue Device field of the Tools->Registration form, and click Issue.

For more information see our TracerPlus Connect User Guide:

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