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Deploying Projects to Windows PCs and Tablets

Below is the process for deploying your TracerPlus Desktop projects to TracerPlus for Windows PCs and Tablets.

Internet/Network Deployment

Open the TracerPlus Desktop project you would like to deploy, and click the Build/Deploy option.

From the Select Platform drop-down, choose the Windows option.

Under the Windows Connection Options, select Use Deploy Server. Make sure Save to Deploy Server Manager is checked.

Open TracerPlus on your Windows PC or Tablet and select the Menu Bar.

On the Menu Bar, select Download Project.

Use the Download Project dialog that appears to select the desired project and click Download.

  • Address: This is the address of the TracerPlus Desktop installation hosting your project. This should be your IP Address followed by the Deploy Server port which is defaulted to 4409. Example:
  • Project (Drop Down): After entering the address, click the refresh button to refresh the list of available projects on your TracerPlus Desktop deployment server. Select the project you would like to Download.

Once the project has been donwloaded you will see a blue bar with a Refresh button. Click this Refresh button to load the downloaded project and you should now see your TracerPlus application as designed in TracerPlus Desktop.

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