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RFID Set Power / Radio Power

This option sets the signal strength of the RFID reader; the range for this is 5 – 30 decibels (dB). This is a useful setting when working in different environments. 

For example, when working in close proximity to a tag, it is sometimes better to use a lower power setting to achieve better short-range resolution. 

To add this option to your form you will need to add a button action of RFIDSetPower. You can then set the RFID Power Level Control ID to a separate field control on your form. When you enter a power between 5 – 30 to this field control, clicking the RFIDSetPower button will now set the RFID Radio to this power setting. 

RFID Power Level Control ID Sets the power level of the RFID reader. Generally, the higher the value the longer the reader range. Specified by the Value in the Control ID on the form.

As a point of reference, radio power is doubled for every 3dB increase and halved for every 3dB decrease. If the radio is set to 15 by default, increasing this to 18 will double the power. 

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