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How can I copy my session setup from one PDA to another PDA?

This can be done through a file called TP28-TracerPlus_Sessions.pdb.

Here are the steps to accomplish this task:

    1. Configure the Session and Field settings of the first PDA to your liking.


    1. Perform a Hotsync with the PC.


    1. On your PC navigate to the C:\Program Files\Palm\"Username"\Backup folder.


  1. Locate the file named TP28-TracerPlus_Sessions.pdb.
  2. Double click that file and select the next user to install the configuration to.
  3. Place that user's PDA in the cradle and perform a Hotsync.
  4. Verify that Session configuration successfully copied to the PDA.

Note - TracerPlus must be installed on all PDA's before attempting to use this method of deployemnt. For other methods of deployment please see the article on Multiple PDA deployment in the TracerPlus Std/Pro - Palm OS section of this Knowledge Base.

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