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MT2000 and other Non-Touchscreen TracerPlus Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are keyboard shortcuts for using TracerPlus on Non-touchscreen devices, particularly the Symbol MT2000 Barcode Terminal

Please note to access the Alt and Fx keys on the device you will need to press a colored key before each one. For the MT2000 it is the Blue Key. IE: Alt F4 would actually be Blue Key - Alt - Blue Key - 4

Accessing the File Menu - Press Alt Alt to bring up the menu and use the arrows to scroll, Press Enter to select your choice.

Exit Application - Alt F4 or Alt Alt to open the file menu, use arrow keys to scroll the menu and press Enter when hovering over Exit.

Check Battery Level - Alt F2

Accessing Sessions from launcher:
1 = Cell 0
2 = Cell 1
3 = Cell 2
4 = Cell 3
5 = Cell 4
6 = Cell 5
7 = Cell 6
8 = Cell 7
9 = Cell 8

Switching Tabs: Left and Right arrow buttons

Entry Sreen Functions:
ESC = Return to launcher
Hot keys are assigned by default for Done, Submit and Clear All. You can assign a hotkey to any button you prefer using the TracerPlus Desktop Form Designer tool.
F1 = Done
F2 = Submit
F3 = Clear All
Arrow Keys Scroll through Drop-Down Field
Enter selects items from a Drop Down list
Space places a check mark in a checkbox

Main Grid Functions:
F1 = Delete
F2 = Edit
F3 = New
Arrow Keys Scroll through the Data Grid
ESC = Return to Launcher

Select a row in the Grid:
1. Press Tab
2. Press Down Arrow followed by Right Arrow
3. Press Tab
4. You can now scroll the individual records in the grid using the functions above to Delete or Edit.

Settings Sreen Functions:
ESC = Exit settings
F1, F2, F3, F4 = Selects different settings tabs
TAB = Tab thorugh the different settings and buttons
Arrow Keys Scroll through Drop-Down Fields
Alt Up Arrow or ALT Down Arrow Scrolls the form up and down
Enter selects items from a Drop Down list or activates the highlighted button
Space places a check mark in a checkbox

Choose files or drag and drop files
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