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Common registration problems for the TracerPlus Mobile Client

To register the TracerPlus Mobile Client, open TracerPlus on your Mobile Device and select Register. Enter the registration code given to the Code field on this form and select OK when done. If the registration code you received for TracerPlus does not work, see below for possible solutions:

  1. Verify that the device ID provided to PTS matches exactly to what is shown in the Help-->About TracerPlus screen of the TracerPlus Mobile Client. (This includes any Dashes)
  2. Verify you are registering the correct version number of TracerPlus for the code given. (Unless specified at the time of the registration code request, you will be given a code for our latest released version)
  3. Verify the correct operating mode is selected when going to register. This is found on the mobile device when first opening TracerPlus. Select Standard or Professional and then Click Register.


The Help-->About TracerPlus screen:

The Help-->About TracerPlus screen of the TracerPlus Mobile Client

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