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TracerPlus Features

  1. RFID

    1. Setting up the Zebra RFD8500 RFID reader to an Android device and TracerPlus
    2. My TC20/RFD2000 Sled Inconsistently Reads RFID Tags
    3. TC20 & RFD 2000 freezes / crashes
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  2. Form Logic

    1. Password Protect a Field using Form Logic in TracerPlus
  3. Grid Control

    1. How to Copy Information from a Grid to a Field
    2. Using the TracerPlus Live Entry Data Grid (Grid Control)
  4. Design Forms

    1. Toggle Input Button Action
    2. Input Type Field Property
    3. DB Button Actions
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  5. Lookups

    1. Configuring multiple indexes for fast lookups on multiple fields
    2. How do I lookup an image when entering data or scanning a barcode?
    3. Using Lookup fields to automate data entry
  6. Calc

    1. Using Calculated fields with TracerPlus
    2. How to enable GPS for TracerPlus on MC75
  7. Printing

    1. I am unable to print using my Symbol PDA.
    2. Sample TracerPlus .rpt files using the Zebra ZPL II Command language
    3. Printing with TracerPlus
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  8. Messaging

    1. Send E-mail Reports & Text Alerts using TracerPlus
  9. Field Settings

    1. After Scan Settings and Their Uses
    2. How do I save my record automatically in TracerPlus with the "Enter" button on my device?
    3. Using TracerPlus for capturing Signature and Image data
  10. PW/ Logins

    1. Setting up User Logins in Live Mode to reference a Database
  11. Validation

    1. Barcode Type Validation Function
    2. Using a Custom Validation Sound
  12. External Devices

    1. How to setup an OBD2 (Vehicle Diagnostics) Enabled Mobile Application with TracerPlus
  13. Data Capture

    1. How to scan barcodes on a device with no integrated scanner.
    2. Data Capture and the SmartForm
  14. Custom SQL

    1. Writing SQL queries for TracerPlus
    2. Using SQL to update data from one session to another